Woo-dy, Wooden 67 Keys Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing Woo-dy

Natural, light and sleek, Woo-dy is made of solid Walnut/Cherry wood mechanical keyboard and brings nature's touch to you.


Why choose US

  • Sleek Wooden Design

    Woo-dy brings the nature on your working space and relaxation to your intense working environment.

  • Ergonomic Keycap Design

    Spherical keycaps with OEM profile can provide good touch and avoid accidental hits, making typing more efficient. More importantly, Woo-dy lets your fingers and wrist typing more relaxingly.

  • Stunning RGB Backlight

    Woo-dy has 16.8 million colors of RGB LED backlighting. Woo-dy gives you the freedom to create and display stunning light effects that match your class and subclass of choice.